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You will need to sign our waiver prior to coming to an event at The Freedom House.

Click this image to go to the document signing area.

To sign the waiver, click here (or the image) and that will open the document for you to sign. It’s best to do this on your touch-screen mobile phone where you can use a stylus or your finger to sign your name. We’re using Hellosign to manage our documents.  You must have access to your email account to complete this process.


Some info about signing the document:

First, you will need to initial each page. Then fill out the info on the last page and sign the document. Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, you can close that window. You will soon receive a copy of the signed document for your permanent records. Occasionally, we will update the waiver and we may ask you to sign it again in the future.

It’s possible that we may also ask you to send us a copy of your state identification card or state drivers license card.  This helps protect all humans and property at The Freedom House. Your safety is our utmost concern. A copy of your documents will be kept securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You can also download and view the current waiver as a PDF document. You can then print it out if you like, but we will ask that you sign a digital copy before you arrive at the event, so no need to sign and bring in a paper copy.  If you don’t sign our digital copy, you will be required to sign a physical copy every time you come to an event.

Last updates:
Waiver: May 14th 2018
This page: July 7th 2018